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Why with ZIGY?

You must grow.
Your projects require new teams of experts.

      How to optimize cost?
         How to get quality?
            And how to make it sustainable?

Our Keywords are:

- Consulting

- Solution Engineering

- Testing, Maintenance and Support

Our practice is hiring outside specialists or to do specific tasks that are traditionally done in-house. Or, maybe, never done before. It’s your opportunity for cutting costs if you don’t have the funds or time to hire in-house employees, and it frees up time for your teams to focus on other core revenue-generating tasks.

Our Specialities are:

IT resource from diverse locations
IT developer team people from different

We are partnering with specialists only. Acquiring and evaluating Technology Partners.


And help You  to find the one that mostly fits to your technology requirements, business culture, markets, planned budget and the time-plan!

Preferred Locations for delivery pools: South- and Central Europe, in the European Union.

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